4 SideSeal Sachet Packaging Machine
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4 SideSeal Sachet Packaging Machine

Machine Structure & Features 

- 4 SideSeal Packaging Type

- Compact, solid, reliable, stable, low noise and high efficiency.

- Piston pump as filling system.

- PLC operation with touch screen control.
- Photoelectric sensor control system.
- Stepper motor to control film feeding system, higher accuracy.
- Inverter to control motor speed, resulting a stable operation, lower noise, and lower failure rate.
- Digital temperature controller, easy to operate.
- Auto counting system, easy to monitor quantity of output.
- Automatic measuring, filling, sealing, and date code printing.
- Same machine can be used for different bag width by changing the former.
- Bag length is controlled on screen display.
Scope of Application

• Liquid – oil, juice, collagen drink, etc
• Paste – chili sauce, ketchup, shampoo, honey, etc

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