About Us
With over 10 years of experience, our team always understands what the industry needs. We specialize in all types of machinery and equipment for food & beverage processing, packaging, filling, labeling, etc.

Other than F&B products, we also specialize in the filling, packaging, and labeling for other product such as cosmetic products, electrical parts, vapor products, household supplies, etc

Meeting and understanding what the industry needs is our utmost and singular most important priority that we always give preference and dedication to. Our employees are well equipped like the machinery we have to serve and deliver standards of services that will ensure that quality control is well met always. With over 10 years of experience, they are well placed and ready to serve in areas such as R&D, technical, marketing, quality control, and after-sales service department.

Part of our market expansion plans include exporting our products from the domestic front to Southeast Asian markets and well progressing into other region. Not resting on our current achievements, our aim is to expand and enhance further growth to our export market in the very near future.

Quality After Sales

Service is the key word in the industries that we serve in and we want to ensure that all our client’s needs are met at any given stage of the business cycle. Our after sales services are one of the most contributing factors. After all, the performance of our after sales service is one of the most significant factors on the improvement of our business revenue.

Ensuring that your business runs smoothly

Running and maintaining a production floor is no easy feat and requires a smooth running of operations to the operated machinery and that’s where we come in, not as just a supplier but as a trusted partner that you can rely on to ensure business is great.

Equipment for beverage processing

Knowing how competitive the marketplace is and how fast every industry is growing nowadays, EXCELLENTPACK ensures that our clients meet these challenges with a highly efficient set of machinery that will ensure smooth flows and advanced levels of operation.


Putting your products in the most absolute and fine packaged finish is an utmost priority and remains the most important principles of the food industry. Our machinery ensures that the processes of our packaging ensure high safety standards and a level of quality to be content with.
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